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Your donations will help Uganda families and communities gain much-needed health care resources addressing the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, widespread malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and diarrhea, among many other diseases.

Donate online using

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For mail-in donations, make checks payable to Medical Aid to Northern Uganda and send to:

Kevin E. Hunt, M.D.
Northwestern Medicine
20 South Clark Street
11th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60603


Smaller donations have great personal impact :

  • $25 - treats 5 patients with high blood pressure for 30 days

  • $50 - provides acute medical care to 10 children

  • $100 - provides emergency medical care to 2 patients

MANU welcomes donations to help purchase essential medications.

Cost for a full year of drugs : approx. $46,000

  • Malaria - $20,500

  • Pneumonia - $19,600

  • Hypertension - $5,000

  • Diabetes - $650

MANU is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Donations to Medical Aid to Northern Uganda are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Tax ID: 35-2342439.

100% of your donation goes directly to supporting long-term solutions to poverty, thanks to the generosity of our Board of Directors, which covers all our overhead.

A copy of the latest annual report filed by this organization (in addition to a description of this organization’s programs and activities) may be obtained here:


We are very thankful for the generous donations to date and gratefully welcome continued support so that MANU can supply the medical aid, equipment, supplies and, facilities so desperately needed. Just click on the Donate button or mail in your check , as shown above.

We salute Father /Dr. Sam Okori and his family for housing Manu team during our mission in Uganda. And thanks to Bishop Joseph Franzelli, the priests, sisters, and people of the Lira Diocese for their warm welcome and unlimited kindness.

Special thanks to “The Bonnie Hunt Show” for allowing us to tell the MANU story during a May 2010 TV appearance and also to the parishioners of Notre Dame Church, Clarendon Hills, IL (USA).

Deepest gratitude for a recent, generous contribution from three parishes located in Marathon County, Wisconsin (USA): Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and St. Patrick Parish.

MANU has received a substantial and greatly appreciated donation from Resurrection Parish, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA). We are extremely grateful for this wonderful support.

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