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MANU was formed following a trip in 2007 to Northern Uganda by Dr. Kevin Hunt and Fr. Sam Okori. Dr. Hunt practices internal medicine in Chicago and is on the faculty of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Fr. Okori is a Catholic priest who graduated from medical school in the U.S. and now is doing residency training in Uganda. He intends to remain in his homeland to serve the people of Northern Uganda long term.

While spending two weeks treating hundreds of villagers in Northern Uganda, the two also performed a fact-finding mission on the status of health care in the region. Valuable information was provided by the Lira Diocese health care system, which works in collaboration with the government to supplement health care to the needy in local villages. It became clear that the people of Northern Uganda were continuing to suffer from 20 years of LRA rebel activity and that they were victimized by poverty, disease, and ignorance. These problems remain today.

After their first-hand exposure to the persistent challenges in Northern Uganda, Fr. Okori and Dr. Hunt conceived the idea of a foundation that would raise funds to address the region’s unmet health care needs. MANU was established in 2008, with the generous help of the prestigious U.S. law firm Winston & Strawn LLP .

Rev. Fr. Doctor Samuel Okori, Medical Superintendent of Pope John Paul Hospital Aber, Lira


MANU continues to reach out to the international community to help fund medical equipment, supplies, and personnel. Together—person to person, village by village—we can make strides toward improving medical care and life expectancy in one of the world’s poorest countries.

MANU’s top funding priority is introducing medical strategies to combat spread of diseases and provide sustainable healthcare. MANU intends to:


  • Improve existing medical facilities and build new facilities and infrastructure in Northern Uganda.

  • Provide increased access to adequate health care.

  • Combat the persistent enemy, HIV/AIDS, which is taking a terrible toll on the people of Uganda.

  • Arrest the widespread malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and diarrhea, among many other diseases.

  • Provide immunization, prenatal care, basic health screening and treatments, dental care and patient health care education.



The MANU Board is made up of dedicated individuals from varied backgrounds. We want to thank our inspiring Board Members for donating their time and resources to help provide essential medical resources needed for the people of Uganda.

Nicole Schreiner PharmD, President of the Board

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Kevin E Hunt, M.D., Treasurer

Chicago, Illinois

Rebecca Porter, CPA, MBA, Secretary

Greendale, Wisconsin

Reverend Bishop Joseph Franzelli

Lira, Uganda

Reverend Doctor Samuel Okori

Lira, Uganda

David Deutsch, M.D

Chicago, Illinois

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