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Medical Aid to Northern Uganda


To support the health care system in Northern Uganda by providing access to sustainable health care services, disease prevention, nutrition, rehabilitation, medical infrastructure, health education, transportation, and improved quality of life for high-risk, vulnerable village populations.

The Fight

Uganda continues to have one of the worst health care records in the world.

  • 1.5 million: number of people living with HIV

  • 190,000 children aged 0 to 14 living with HIV

  • Average life expectancy 53 years

  • High rate of malaria

  • Accounts for 50% of outpatient treatments 

  • Accounts for 35% of hospital admissions

  • Accounts for greater than 75,000 deaths annually among children under the age of 5

  • 7.6% Infant mortality rate

Sources : UNAIDS & Uganda Health System Assessments 2011 report

What we Have Seen in Uganda

MANU In Action

Making a difference
•    Now raising funds for a new maternity ward at Aber Hospital.

•    Purchased a refurbished CT scanner.  
•    Built a new radiology addition, 2012-2013.
•    Built a Triage Center, 2017.
•    Continue to support Aber Hospital in treating 75,000+ patients and providing 700,000+ prescriptions, to date.
•    Provide year round medications for enrolled patients at the rural health center in Aloi.

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